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A powerful sleep formula designed to maximise recovery while simultaneously reducing anxiety and promoting restfulness.
BullDoze positively influences a cascade of hormones resulting in improved GH Levels, free testosterone in the bloodstream, in additio


BULLDOZE is a dual-attack supplement for hard training athletes. Everybody knows that training hard and eating right are essential to developing impressive new muscle mass, reducing body fat to single digit figures and performing at your absolute peak – but there’s one area that is often neglected. SLEEP. Skip just a few hours of sleep and you will see your hard earned gains grind to a halt and then wither away. And forget about peak physical performance – even mild sleep deprivation is linked to poor mood, lack of concentration and motivation, depression, reduced libido, anxiety and poor nutritional choices. We designed BULLDOZE to not only help you achieve a deep and restful sleep but also to boost and maintain the important cascade of recovery hormones that come along with proper sleep – especially growth hormone.

  • BullDoze is the most potent, non-addictive sleep inducer on the market. Containing only the purest extracts from their original habitats – in the correct dosages for athletes – BullDoze fulfills the promise that any deep sleep product should: improved REM sleep; deep restfulness; lowered social anxiety; increased libido; and maximum physique and performance capabilities.
  • Providing much more than just a wonderful sleep, users of BullDoze can expect to feel a substantial increase in libido (sex drive), enhanced Growth Hormone levels and also a profound improvement in recovery from training, making it optimal for athletes of all sports.
  • In addition to feeling fantastic, with each dosage of BullDoze consumers can expect to see noticeable physical differences. The improvement of sleep and Growth Hormone levels shows a significant correlation with less stubborn body fat (specifically around the stomach region). Combined with the increase in performance and hormonal levels, BullDoze should be looked upon as a multifaceted weapon in the war on health and performance, and users can expect to reap the rewards of both essential sides of the spectrum.

Grow while you sleep:

Most of your muscle recovery and growth occurs whilst you are asleep, but in today’s extreme world, with increasing demands on our time, sleep is often the first thing to suffer. We work longer hours than ever before, we party harder into the night (and it’s no longer reserved for the very young as most of us want a social life at all ages) and we have more things to pack into our crazy days. Combine all that with the additional demands of being a hard training athlete and you can run into trouble. Not only does training often ‘jack you up’ mentally if you train later in the day, making sleep tougher, many of us are using stimulants and pre-workout nervous stimulants to achieve maximum results. All of these make proper relaxing sleep even harder to achieve.

Not only is sleep essential to our general energy levels, but our entire endocrine system is dependent on good recovery sleep to generate and release the hormones that make us grow new muscle, burn up body fat and have the mental focus to enjoy life and train hard. Testosterone and growth hormone are absolutely dependent on proper sleep. Even a few hours per week of lost sleep, or even poor quality sleep where you toss and turn and wake up feeling un-refreshed can destroy your hormone balance.


Get Ready for a BULL DOZE.

BULL DOZE is specifically designed to be a non-addictive, non-artificial means of improving restfulness, boosting deep, restful sleep and maximizing essential hormone production. Although artificial sleeping pills can be very useful under a Doctors supervision in extreme cases, they can also have unwanted side effects and it’s unknown how much proper restful sleep they actually allow you to achieve. With BULL DOZE you will prime the body’s natural sleep inducing biorhythms and prepare your body to fall asleep naturally and sleep deeply once this is achieved. You will wake up feeling refreshed and full of vitality, not the groggy, hungover feeling that many prescription pills can induce.

And for those of you who train later in the day due to hectic schedules or who are using diet supplements or training stimulants, BULL DOZE helps reduce those jittery feelings that keep you awake and jacked when you don’t want to be. And if you’re anxious or stressed about the next day, BULL DOZE can help reduce the cascade of stress hormones that ruin your much needed sleep.

Not only that but you are priming and boosting natural hormones like testosterone and very importantly, growth hormone.

Our male and female testers for BULL DOZE report an increased ability to fall asleep naturally, even during stressful times or during diets using strong pre-workout stimulant products. They have indicated feelings of refreshment on waking, better energy levels, more consistent moods, less social anxiety, less anger, improved sex drive and after consistent use we have recorded reduced body fat storage (especially on the known ‘stress’ problem areas such as the lower belly) and improved muscle tone.

There are plenty of supplements out there to boost your workout capacity or speed up your metabolism, but only BULL DOZE tackles the biggest ignored area of proper sleep and maximized growth hormone output in one simple, natural formula – designed at doses for proper, hard training athletes, not ordinary people.


BullDoze™ is a straight forward product that targets the need for a more restful sleep and supporting natural hormone levels. Studies have shown that trained athletes often are low in zinc and magnesium. By supplementing specific milligram dosages of zinc and magnesium, researches could improve baseline hormone levels. Bull Doze™ has applied this research to this unique product. A proprietary complex of Velvet bean extract, maca extract and colostrum also may support the growth hormone factors with adaptogenic nutrients and over all hormonal health. Bull Doze™ may support alpha brain waves with theanine, which can help achieve a greater natural relaxed state of mind and aid in obtaining a more restful sleep. Bull Doze™ has acquired the use of two highly custom cultured ingredients being issued trademarks, holding high quality and special characteristics in process for high yield actives, the powerful L-theanine and dopamine containing Velvet Bean extract. Some of these ingredients support relaxation, mood and sense of enjoyment and pleasure within the body by the neurotransmitter nerve signals dopamine can release. which can help create a more favorable environment for sleep. Bull Doze™ delivers on science, quality herbal extracts and helping the body to achieve a more restful recovery.

  • *Zinc & Magnesium Support
  • *Pure Extracts
  • *Natural Hormone Support
  • *May Boost Alpha Brain Signals
  • *Better Rest & Recovery
  • *Increases Dopamine & Growth Factors
  • *May Support Deeper Sleep Patterns
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