Core Nutritionals - FLEX - Comprehensive Joint Formula

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We’ve all been there. You have a bit of cashed saved up, and a hard choice to make: do you buy the new, shiny toy, or fix that sort of irritating sound your engine is making? I mean, sure, maybe the engine breaks down, but that’s only a possibility – you will most certainly enjoy that new toy! Am I right?

Wrong. Just like a vehicle, our bodies are exposed to the constant wear and tear of demanding daily use, a fact especially true of athletes. As we put more and more weight on the bar, run faster and further, and push our bodies to the limit, our joints, tendons, and ligaments require regular maintenance to keep them in optimal health. We need to fix that sort of irritating sound our engine is making, in other words.

Core FLEX provides a superior way to do so. Core FLEX is an ultra-potent combination of 11 ingredients, verified by clinical research and included in clinical serving sizes, crafted to ensure the maintenance of strong and healthy tendons and ligaments. Best of all, Core FLEX’s all-in-one blend combines the efficacy of single ingredient products, with the synergy of an entire joint product lineup.

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