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Have you ever noticed that some ice cream weighs more than other ice cream? That's because of something called overrun -- the air that's whipped into ice cream during production. 


Ice cream with a high overrun has a lot of air in it, so less actual ice cream is needed to fill a pint. Low-overrun ice creams are known to be more premium (and more indulgent) due to their greater density and creaminess.

Next time you're buying ice cream, look on the back of a pint and notice the net weight of a serving. Six-Pack Creamery flavors have 107.7 grams of ice cream per serving -- that's 323 grams of ice cream per pint, about 67 grams more than our competitors. It's like getting extra scoops in every pint!

Six-Pack Creamery gives you more protein, more product and more flavor than other ice creams claiming to be high-protein. Trust the high-protein low-fat premium ice cream with the jacked cow on the pint -- and feel free to...


Indulge Without The Bulge™

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